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Aisa Lafour has been and still is one of the Dutch star belly dance artists over years. She was in the ensemble of Jillina’s “Bellydance Evolution” and she has performed on nearly every important festival in Europe (in Germany for instance at Leyla Jouvana’s and Asmahan el Zein’s). Now you can see her and marvel at her at Artemis and Dieter Dewald’s “Oriental Dance Festival” in Stuttgart, Germany.


Interview with Aisa Lafour

- by Marcel Bieger

What took you so long to come back to Germany?

Actually I was in Germany, lately. I was in Berlin in 2013 with Shalymar el Amar and in Mannheim with Fadima Jones. I always love to teach and perform in Germany. It is so close to the culture of the Netherlands so it feels really familiar.

How did Artemis and you meet?

Artemis came to visit my workshop "Tarab" that I was teaching at the Oriental festival of Europe organized by Leyla Jouvana in Duisburg. Artemis and I had a good contact right away and I was happy, when she then invited me to her festival 2015.

Your "Orientalicious" festival is still running famous and big in the Netherlands and is renown in all Europe. Why is this festival so successful?

Well first of all thank you for this beautiful feedback. I think that, what is the success is that we always seek for the best quality, especially of the artists. Every dancer on the stage has their own, very developed and skilled style. One of our goals is to show the beauty and the professionalism of the Oriental dance.

What will you show us on stage in Stuttgart?

I will dance a drum solo samba fusion, on a composition that is specially made for me by the great darbuka player, Yassir Jamal. Also I will dance one of my favourite songs of Warda: Akdeb Aleek, with the live band of the Orientalische Tanz Festival in Stuttgart

What will you teach us in your workshops (could you be a little bit more specific here than can be read in the festival flyer) in Stuttgart?

On Saturday I will teach Golden Era Hips: Which is basically technique of the dancers of the Golden Era of Egyptian belly dance. Think of the style of dancers like: Samia Gamal, Naima Akef and Tahiya Carioca. The students will learn how to move in an elegant way with a touch of glamour.

On Sunday I will teach: Shimmy Party. As it says in the name, I will teach a wide scale of Shimmies, when and how to use them and how to combine them. This will be really fun!

What are your future plans?

Well I have a bunch of nice future plans, but on this moment I am building an online dance school, so I can reach out to all the beautiful dancers on this globe, to teach and coach them online. Furthermore I want to create my own dance wear and costume brand, to use my skills which I have learned by graduating at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2002

Best wishes, Aisa Lafour
A.L. Bellydance Company

Aisa Lafour is guest at Artemis and Dieter Dewald's
Orientalischem Tanz-Festival in Stuttgart,
March 21st / 22nd 2015

Aisa will dance in both evening Galas (Saturday and Sunday) and she
also teaches two exciting Workshops:

Golden Era Hips with Aisa Lafour
Golden Era Stars: In this workshop we will focus on one of the stars of Oriental dance of the Golden Era like: Samia Gamal, Soheir Zaki, Naima Akef, Tahia Carioca... You will learn about her history, her moves and combinations/choreography.

Open Level

When: Saturday 21.3.2015 Time: 10.15-12.15 Duration: 2 Hours

Shimmie Party with Aisa Lafour
Shimmie Party - In this workshop we will be exploring all different kinds of shimmies, used in bellydance. Examples of shimmies are: egyptian shimmy, african shimmy, vibration shimmy, rotation shimmy etc.

Open Level

When: Sunday 22.3.2015 Time: 10-12.00 Duration: 2 Hours

Infos about the Festival Workshops and registration here ...

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