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Interview with Jillina
about her new BDE tour

by Marcel Bieger

What will we see in the new show (is there already a title for it), will it be something completely new, or BDE 2 - the sequel/the return of/the son/daughter of?

It will be a whole new show! All new choreographies, costumes, and a totally different story. It will still be theatrical with storytelling through dance.

The title of the new show is "Dark Side of the Crown".  People can expect to see more drama and a few more comedy elements then the previous show.

I think this new show will be even better then the last one!

What music did you chose this time, and what dances can we look forward to (including your "on drums" drum solo?)

We are still putting together the show, but the music is being composed again by Paul Dinletir so you will get to hear very dynamic theatrical music.

The new show will also incorporate 2 male breakdancers to give it a new dynamic.  I am really trying to stretch myself as a choreographer and performer and will be adding fun modern/contemporary elements to the new show while still staying true to the art of oriental dance and of course drum solos.

Where will the new tour start, and will Hanover be the European kick off again?

The new show will debut February 2012 in Los Angeles, CA - USA

We will then have the European premiere in Hanover in March!
We are also going to be having 2 AMAZING male breakdancers instead of the Georgian dancers.

We will also be having a NEW online contest for the casting of the new show.

Will you have the same personal an stage again, or will there be new goddesses (and maybe new Georgian male dancers) and  a new contest for a new European ensemble?
BDE 1 (as I may call it) on DVD has been released recently, what took you so long (or did you feel, it would be more wise to make the DVD available for everybody AFTER the world tour was over?

BDE 1 aka "Immortal Desires" took much longer to release than originally planned, due to BDE being so busy travelling. We filmed it in August 2010 in Los Angeles and I had originally planned to release it in December that year. However the tours started really taking off and it was difficult to coordinate my schedule with the editors’ schedule, so it became a long process.  But I am so happy that it is finally completed and am thrilled with the final result and am also very excited to give people a chance to see the show in countries that we haven't travelled too.

Europe premiere at
World of Orient in Hanover, March 16th. - 18th. 2012!
Photos © Konstanze Winkler
Graphic design Konstanze Winkler
Kaeshi Chai
Sharon Kihara
A lot of our cast will be returning. Myself, Kaeshi Chai, Sharon Kihara, Louchia, Heather Aued & Ozzy on drums. Eglal from Prague will be dancing with us in Germany in place of Heather.  She is a wonderful dancer and we are happy to have her with us.
With BDE you have been around the world truly, are you planning to take such efforts again? What experiences did you make in all these countries?

Each country taught me something new. Some experiences were wonderful and some were not so great. But in general I have learned to be able to "Go with the Flow" more and also to surround myself with dancers that truly believe in this project and want to be part of something new and great! I was very fortunate to have met many talented dancers through the competition process and look forward to working with them again.

We don't have many stars who go on world tour with their own troupe, and there is only Jillina, who brings her own fully equipped piece of dance drama on stage. With Bellydance Evolution and her dancical "Immortal Desires" she started her grand journey in 2010, which took her from North America to Europe, from Erope to Africa, from East Asia to South America. The whole tour became a tremendous success.

And today she is preparing to repeat this success with her new dance play, "The Dark Side of the Crown". World premiere will be in Los Angeles, CA in February 2012, and after that she will go to Europe, to continue the tour at Asmahan el Zein's "World of Orient" festival in Hanover, Germany, as was the case with "Immoratl Desires". You don't have to be a prophet to predict that "The Dark Side of the Crown" will become the show event in 2012. Read what Jillina has to say about it:

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