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Ther are lot of things going on in Tribal Europe. From the East ever new artists arrive, in France the tribal community is rising with new strength, even from Austria artists whirl on our stages, and also the North is getting hot and hotter. Dud Muurmand, the most bustling person in the whole Scandinavia, was “Sister Festival” at 5thTribal Festival in Hanover this year. What keeps her going and what she is doing and planning for Denmark and the rest of the North she tells us below:


Interview with Dud Muurmand

by Marcel Bieger

You and your group have performed again in Germany, after not coming to us last year. What made you return?

Well, you might as well ask: what kept us away last year? Actually we were quite sad that we could not visit Hanover in 2011, but last year we simply had a collision of other important engagements in the spring.

We have actually been visiting the Tribal Festival Hanover since the beginning, from that very first year in the circus tent (ah! That was so much fun) and now 5 years later in the big Turnklubb. It has been amazing to follow that rapid development of this festival.

And even if it has now grown into a huge international event, it still feels like “coming home” – with many familiar faces and dance friends who also come every year to meet, dance, learn, shop … the atmosphere has always been very open and embracing. Everybody seems to come with a mind to inspire and be inspired – and this is why we come back.

Well, another reason is because Asmahan and her team are very good at presenting some amazing international teachers and put together the high caliber shows. We simply love to be part of that as well, and I must say that both myself and my troupes have always been cordially greeted welcome in Hanover both by event team but also audience … now, that is also worth coming back for I tell you!

You had a fabulous event in spring, please enlighten us, what does this success mean for your further work?

True, we (Tribaldance Denmark) had a most fabulous DARK WEEKEND COPENHAGEN in April – with amazing ARIELLAH as our guest teacher and performer. 3 full days with workshops, a Twilight Hafla - and our quite alternative night club show DARK CABARET.

Actually, the success of this event was a bit overwhelming. First, Ariellah’s workshops were sold out completely 6 months before, and then Dark Cabaret being this alternative and pretty intimate club show also sold out already in our pre-sale, in early spring leaving quite a few people on the doorstep. This was our third year with DARK CPH and we have had more and more people coming each year.

But – we are not only measuring the success in sold tickets. We can also look back at a high spirited weekend with many visiting dancers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden plus a small delegation of Italian girls. Other years we have also had visitors from Europe.

Ariellah was so well received by everyone – and delivered her very best at both workshops and show. Both the Twilight Hafla and Dark Cabaret were amazing show nights, we can’t thank the dancers enough for their dedication to come and share their creativity with us.

Also Tribaldance Denmark-team received many positive comments on good event-organizing which we are very happy about. For future events  we do have a challenge – because we will have to work on scaling up the capacity without loosing this special feeling of intimacy that I think is unique for our events in Copenhagen – but we don’t want to exclude anyone, we so much want for all of Europe to come and visit us!

I believe that especially for DARK CPH, the dramatic and expressive styles of dancing we are supporting with this event, need a special frame, but must also include some surprises and new challenges for dancers and audience, so we are already discussing how we can do this at future events.

above: Tribe of Gaia: Dud, Lisa and Louise, below: Ariellah
left side above: Dud's solo performance at the 2nd Internat. Tribal Festival 2009 in Hanover, beneath the duo with Linda, aside one year later with "Start wearing purple"! On the right: The Vikings overcome Marcel!
Dud Muurmand and her "Tribe of Gaia" at this year's Tribal Festival Hanover
Dud Muurmand & Linda Thorsager at 1st Tribal Festival 2008 in Hanover
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Photos ©: 1, 2, 6 and 7 Konstanze Winkler, 3 Joachim Sorge, 4 and 5 Günter Schulz, 8, 9 and 10 Nils Djervad