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How many of you will come?

HAH!! Yes, the Vikings will come sailing in... and we will take prisoners (at least for a beer or two). .. then we will spare you. The ship from great Denmark will count 8 Vikings - 5 of them will be performing either in Tribe of Gaia, Asynja Tribal or as soloists (Dud + Lisa), the last 3 Vikings is just there to support the whole plunder.

How are Tribal and Tribal Fusion blossoming in Northern Europe?

There is a growing interest both in Denmark and the other Northern countries, actually firstly it seems to be ATS® that is rising up but also more fusion dance is entering. Yours truly with a beating cabaret-heart is particularly glad to see that Burlesque Fusion has a large fan-group in the very north - North Sweden and Norway with several dance groups emerging over the past 3 years... and they are very good!
How did Tribe of Gaia fare since its last raid on Hanover?

Tribe of Gaia has been busy on-off the past couple of years with different projects like Dark Weekend-performance collaborations and some other cultural events here in Copenhagen. Actually lately we have been laying a bit on the low side, because I needed to have some artistic time for my solo work, but this spring I decided to throw myself into the instructors chair again to create some (hopefully) spectacular stage work for group.

We have had a bit of member-change in the group as well, but I am very happy to see this new quartet shine in the rehearsals of our Hanover piece - it will have a lot of my favourite things: drama, darkness, witch craft, skirts flying and a bit of medieval atmosphere.
What will we see from you on stage?

My solos (yes, I will have 2) will be two completely different acts. For Friday Varieté, I will bring something very special - a cabaret-fusion created on a piece of music from my favourite movie of all times, "Cabaret"... I will not tell you what the music is, but I will reveal that I might have sneaked in a couple of jazz-hands…

For Saturday, it will be all about the mystique and the "Viking theme" again, but this time it will be the warrior girl. I am very fascinated by the ancient myths of Scandinavia, the spell and lure of the women in our mythology - and how this goes into my version of fusion dance.
What will you teach at your workshops?

My workshop: "Drillz & Thrillz, but keep the Chillz" - will be "fun darkness" We will drill “old-school” fusion moves and technique – both the super-snaky soft moves as well as the sharp and accented ones – and with those moves I have some new fresh combos to challenge and thrill! The combos are all excerpts from some of my latest fusion choreographies so you will get little dance puzzle-pieces with different drama and expression.

We will also go through specific techniques that can be used in dark and dramatic dancing – such as level-shifting, dips, half height-moves and more creepy stuff.
What kind of future are the Norns weaving for you?

The future, you say - well the near future is my summer intensive Tribal CPH coming up in July, fully booked with a great bunch of Scandinavian dancers,  and also in September 12-13,  I will come back to Germany to teach in Ansbach. This is a weekend organized by Martha Saunders and I am looking much forward to it.

Further out in the future is lurking a new Dark Weekend-event for 2016 (we skipped 2015) ... and then there is some other crazy dream projects in my head but that calls for a Carlsberg if you want to hear about those

From Denmark with all our hearts and raised banners!!! Looking very much forward to see you all again very, very soon!…

Hugs, Dud
Workshop with Dud Muurmand
Sat., 13.6., 15:00 - 17:00h, Level: intermediate

“Drillz and Thrillz, but keep the Chillz”
Tribal Fusion with a dark twist

New dark and dramatic steps and combos to challenge and thrill!
Apply here ...

Dud Muurmand
Tribe of Gaia
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Tribe of Gaia (photo © Nils Djervad)
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"Tribe of Gaia" had wrestled Marcel down (Tribal Festival Hanover 2010)
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Interview with Dud Muurmand

- by Marcel Bieger

Dud Muurmand never takes off her horned helmet, not even at night (she hides it from time to time under her raven black hair, though). Once again she and her she-Vikings will come over Hanover and we can only crave her mercy by giving her and the hers a big, fat applause. But on the other hand we will enjoy again that they have never failed to bring to us the most wonderful performances and Dud is brimming with great ideas on a daily basis. Read now, what one of the most creative women of all Europe has conjured up for this year’s Hanover Festival and better start shivering now…