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Well, you don’t see that every day:
An Artist in a peacock costume, who imitates the movements of this proud bird exactly and wraps this in a cute tribal fusion dance. As she will tell us below, she is still perfecting this style, and we have nothing more to say than that we are looking forward like crazy to see this artist from Hong Kong again at the 22nd Oriental Festival Europe in Duisburg,, Germany end of the year.

FoxyCatAlice again at Leyla Jouvana's

- Interview by Marcel Bieger

At Leyla's festival you enchanted everybody with your "Peacock Movementss". It seems as if this piece is your very special brand. Do you still work in the "Peacock" modus?

Yes, I'm still working in "Peacock" modus, I want to create more movements for "peacock Belly Dance", and I can't wait to share my new Peacock pieces and the spiritual of Peacock with everyone.
What is all this "Peacock" business about, what has it to do with old Chinese traditionals and how did you invent it?

I'm from Xishuanbanna, called Ban Na in the province Yunnan and the Peacock Dance is our traditional dance, almost 3000 years. I love food, so I can't be a traditional peacock dancer,
I can't keep my weight around 85 (English) pounds and my waist on 20 inch always. I loved Belly Dance very much, since I was 24 years old, and I really want to keep the peacock movements in my Belly Dance style - that's why i invented the "Peacock Fusion Belly Dance".

As you told us last time the tribal fusion community in Hong Kong isn't too big. How do you keep in touch with the world's tribal fusion scenes? At which places have you been in the last months and whom did you invite to your home town?

I usually make Tribal events in Hong Kong when i have time, I also invited Tribal Masters to teach workshops in Hong Kong, like the Belly Dance Superstar Moria Chappell and April Rose.

And I’m hosting the "Tribal Kong" (Hong Kong first Tribal Festival) in Aug 3rd, invited many Tribal Dancers from overseas, and I was in Las Vegas for the Tribal Massive last month.
Tell us something about the person FoxyCatAlice. Do you have a regular daytime job, is dancing your profession and if not, do you want to be a professional dancer one day?

FoxycatAlice is a dancer from Ban Na. A
Belly Dance & Pilates teacher, performer
and choreographer. FoxycatAlice created the Peacock Fusion Belly Dance in the world.
I started to dance when i was 5 years old, trained in Thai & Chinese dance.​ Expanding into Jazz in my teens and also studied Ballet and Popping. My Fusion Belly Dance includes Jazz, Modern and Thai etc. styles. I'm a Full time dance teacher and performer.

What other plans do you have for the future, and where will you be in 5 years (or ten, or 20)?

I plan to have my own dance school in Ban Na, host a big show in China, travel around the world with my dance tribe for performance, keep teaching my unique dance style, and build up the Tribal in Hong Kong. I don't know how many years I need, but just do it.

Cheer & Love, FoxyCatAlice.

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