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"Horus Mozarabe“ is a new star at Tribal Fusion heaven. This year at Tribal Festival Hanover he will enter a really big German stage for the first time. Below the Portugese tells us how everything came about the way it came about. Now you check it out!

Interview with Horus Mozarabe

by Latifah Abdel and Marcel Bieger

When did you begin to dance?

I was at Coimbra doing my graduation in biology, at November 2007 I think, I met Petra Pinto and before I knew she was inviting me to get part of her Oriental classes. Since my childhood I was attracted to Muslim and Egyptian culture and so I've decided to try it. The first class really fulfilled my soul, I found myself starting to ask for more and more and that was it. When I realized this I was already taken by it.

How did Tribal Fusion find you and what made you stick to it?

My first contact with Tribal Fusion was at You Tube when I discovered Rachel Brice. It blew my mind, how she could make music, be alive in her body, and all the freedom it can give to you as an artist. I mean the different songs and styles, you can use and be inspired for, the artistic concept itself. Also all the body consciousness and control amaze me. I think I've stuck to it as Tribal Fusion has clung to me as well.
You have always danced wearing a mask, until not long ago, what's the mystery behind that?

The mask... Starting from the beginning... It was a very explosive start, after experiencing the first class I fell in love with it and simultaneously attended beginner and intermediate level classes. I wanted to recover all the "lost" time and learn as much as I could in record time. After about two or three months, Petra came to visit me at my home to say that I was going to perform with her on Valentine's Day, this was in February 2008. Okay, if I had more than 8 days to prepare myself for the show, Petra always pushed me hard. Completely taken by surprise, without being at all psychologically prepared to face an audience (I was always very shy). Regardless, Petra and I had the idea of using a Tuareg turban, where part of my face was covered, thus creating a small barrier between me and the audience.

And it worked... such that it created a mystery of who would be the man behind the mask. As the name I chose was referring to a god and for some of my influences at that time, I´ve got the idea to make a mask and keep the mystery around the character "Horus".

Nowadays it has become my trademark and part of me, although in some situations (few) I don’t use the mask. After the Mask as also been an instrument to improve my body expression and everything that i create plays with that mystery.

How would you define your style of dance?

A lot of people ask me about that and to be honest I can't really define it. Well I'm a Tribal Fusion Belly dancer and technically I try to be as versatile as I can, been most influenced by Raks Sharki and other styles like Contemporary, Modern and Indian dance. I also have a lot of inspiration in some philosophies like Sufism, totally triggered by Petra and some Pagan religions too. But when I'm on stage what you can really see is my deepest feelings and emotions getting expressed by body movement. So maybe I can say that my dance style is the definition of my true self, the definition of this real character the "Horus Mozarabe".
How come there are not more male dancers in the scene?

I don't really know why! I think it's an occidental bad judgement that this art form is only meant for women. In the Oriental scene we can see male belly dancers really often but more in a familiar ambient. I like to tell my friends, both male and female, that they need to try and realize how passionate this art is and the benefits it can bring to your body and life. Well in this moment I've two male students, so I think things are about to change.

Have you been to Germany before?

Yes. I've performed in 2012 in Berlin and entered. Later in 2013 I've been in Dresden, as a teacher and a performer. This year is gonna be my third time in Germany for Tribal Festival Hanover. I’m really happy and grateful for that.

What can we expect from Horus at Tribal Festival Hanover?

You can expect 100% of me. A crazy and devoted teacher and a passionated dancer.

What will we learn in your workshops?

I'm really anxious to share these two workshops with you guys, they are my favourite ones.

“Slow-Mo-Tion” we will go through really controlled, snaky and harmonious body movement with strong muscular control. We will talk about fluidity, how to connect all the body parts with harmony and style, how to change you energy, if you are giving it to the audience or taking it from. We will go trough all of this items to understand how to build up in our performances the slow moments that give to the audience the feeling of being transported to another reality.
“Secret Drills and Combos” I will share with you my daily practice and the way I get to improve myself and push me to other limits. There will be exercises to improve our technique, strength and flexibility.

How is the Tribal Fusion scene in Portugal?

Tribal Fusion is a really little baby that is growing and growing here in Portugal. We are a few dancers doing it professionally and all of us are shaking Portugal to know and understand this beautiful and complex art. And the fact is that we have here the “TribalX Fest” that is getting bigger year after year, which I'm grateful for being invited to and be part of as a teacher and a performer.
Workshops with HORUS MOZARABE

Slow-mo-tion for the 3rd Dimension (Sat., 13.6., 12:30 - 14:30 h, level: intermediate/advanced)
Drills and combos in the special style of Horus. Slow moves vs. fast, legato vs. staccato. Be prepared for the 3rd Dimension!

Secret Drills & Combos (Sun., 14.6., 10:00 - 12:00 h, all levels)
From simple isolation to combination drills he will share the secrets of his moves and offer different options for all levels

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