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Interview with Maho Beaumont

- by Marcel Bieger

ATS®, the world wide renowned dance fun for groups but also for soloists is enjoying a big renaissance over here and elsewhere, too. So it’s really no surprise that the Hanoverian Tribal Festival has invited one of the leading icons of this style to its halls. We are talking about the London-based Maho Beaumont. In the interview below Maho tells us, how she found to dancing and what made her and ATS® stick together.
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You are known as one of the leading ATS® Sister Schools outside of the USA, but what did you do before ATS®?

I always liked dancing, so before I started belly dancing I have been dancing Salsa for about 3 years. I also trained to become a yoga teacher, so I was already teaching Yoga before I started to learn Belly Dancing.

How did ATS find you and why did you stick to it?

It's funny enough that everyone has a similar story, how we all ended up dancing tribal style all over the world! Well I tell you mine anyway! I started belly dancing with my sister (Kae Montgomery) in 2003. At that time I didn't know that there were so many different styles of belly dance but then I saw Rachel Brice on DVD! After that I started to focus on tribal fusion style because I was so attracted to this style.

In 2007 Kae moved to SF to study ATS® at FCBD® studio soon after I visited her and I met Carolena and FCBD®! I saw a strong connection between the tribal fusion style and ATS® which attracted me to learn about ATS®. Ever since then I have been dancing ATS®!

ATS is very popular over here, what would you advise young talents, who are interested in ATS, but not quite sure about it at the moment?

I would recommend everyone to just try it first and see how it goes! And if you are interested in learning more deeply then there are so many ways you can learn ATS® nowadays. There are many Sister studios around the world and also there are very useful instructional DVDs which have been created by Carolena! Also all the FCBD® teachers and sister studios (like me) are travelling all over the world to teach workshops which makes it for all of us much easier to learn ATS®!
What will we see from you on stage?

When I get invited to the international events I tend to travel by myself so I perform ATS® solo. I personally think that it is really fun to dance ATS® with groups, but sometimes the situation doesn't allow me this. So I always prepare myself to dance ATS® solo. ATS® solo is not easy as it is not as exciting as when danced by a group, so I carefully choose the music and really focus on my techniques and also to translate how I feel by using musicality techniques, while I am performing! Some of my audiences have described me as "silky liquid gold" and I really love this expression of describing me!
What will you teach us in your workshops?

First workshop
"ATS® slow" I will teach ATS® slow intermediate movements such as Sarah turn, Wrap around turn and Barrel turn, using this vocabulary to make a short convention and drill in the class.

Second workshop
"Play with shimmies" I will teach ATS® shimmies. I will introduce fun way to drill ATS® shimmies and try to achieve juicy bouncy shimmies!
Workshop 1, Sat., 13.6., 12:30 - 14:30h

ATS® Special I: Maho (UK)
ATS Slow - Refined!

Maho shares her secrets in enhancing slow and intermediate movements, to dance more elegant, strong and powerful.
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Please enlighten us about the tribal situation in Great Britain

Regarding ATS® in UK, we are so spoiled as we have many ATS® sister studios all over UK, because Carolena used to come to UK often and give workshops. So if you are new to ATS®, UK is an ideal place as they are so many people who have the knowledge of ATS® and giving regular classes! Also all the sister studios are always planning great events in UK such as hosting FCBD® teachers from US.
Regards the tribal fusion scene in UK, since I moved to London in 2006, definitely I see a lot more people dancing tribal fusion style in UK and there are getting better every day! They are not as many as the ATS®-dancers, but I am sure the number of people who dance TF are increasing every day.
Homepage: ... Maho Beaumont on facebook
Workshop 2, Sun., 14.6., 10:00 - 12:00h

ATS® Special II: Maho (UK)
Play with Shimmies!

We will cover Turkish shimmy, TSWAT, ASWAT, Three quarter on the down and more. Let´s create energetic, fun combinations!
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Are you with the Kamatala Festival and if so, would you care to tell us more about it, as this festival is very little known over here, unfortunately

Kamatala festival is organised by a beautiful dancer called Jaydee Amrita Copperfield. I am honoured to be invited as a guest teacher this year! (Thank you, Jaydee!) The high light of the event is Mz Moria Chappell from American Bellydance Superstars, who is giving a teachers training course for the first time. Also there are many different styles of workshops provided in this event such as tribal fusion style and ATS®, as well as Indian dance and Temple Dance workshops! I definitely recommend all of the dancers to join us as it is going to be great shows and tons of great workshops! I am sure you will take back so much ideas and knowledge from this event! More info, please go to

Best regards, Maho xxx