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Gosh! What a sensation it was, when Martha Saunders came to Germany in 2009 and decided to stay. A real FCBD artist in our community. Very fast she became the star of every festival, but after a while it got quiet about Martha. Private problems and false friends in the community made her stop and think everything over.

But now Martha is prepared to start anew and we all are happy and looking forward to the next chapter in her career. But first the very famous Danish dancer Dud Muurmand will stop at her place …
You will have Dud Muurmand for a project weekend at your place in Ansbach, Bavaria (January, 10.-11. 2015). This will be not the first time you are having a guest star. How did this idea evolve?

Yes, I am very excited to be hosting Dud Muurmand! I have had the idea for a long time to host but wanted to establish myself a bit more in the dance community. My first opportunity was with Kristine Adams she had told me of her plans to travel when I was on a trip to SF, so I had the chance and I took it! Now I want to keep it going here in Ansbach and offer different instructors a few times a year...

Dud Muurmand is a internationally known tribal fusion star, how did the two of you meet?

I met Dud for the first time in 2009. It was my very first year at Tribal Festival Hanover and my first big German festival. I remember meeting her in the lobby of our hotel and I thought she was such a sweet, humble person and was very happy to have met her then. Over the next few years I saw her again a few times in Hanover and always admired her artistic, diverse style and was really impressed with her talent on many levels.

It was 2012 I believe that her performance really stuck in my mind, even to this day, she performed her 'Gangsta Fusion' in the Gala Show and I was blown away. It was so amazing and since then I have often thought of the idea of hosting her to share her style here in Bavaria. Not only is she an amazing fusion dancer, but also an ATS® dancer and instructor. She is so diverse in her styles, yet so trained and knowledgeable and in all her forms. It will be such a treat to have her here!
What will Dud show your students?

Dud will focus on ATS® and Tribal fusion

Please see
for full Workshop discriptions.

Don't miss this chance to learn from this amazing artist, join us for a weekend here in Ansbach, and then you will understand why I admire her so much !!
What else will happen then at your place?

We will have 2 days of workshops and on Saturday evening there will be a Hafla! 

What stars will there be next?

I will host Kristine Adams 6., 7., 8.  February 2015, then I will take a 'Baby pause'  until June, at that time I will offer monthly workshops myself in Ansbach until October, when I will host another Super Star -details coming soon! Very excited about 2015! A lot will be going on!

What are your personal plans for the year 2015, will you work on your career again, after having your third baby? Where will we get the chance to see you?

I have big plans indeed! The past 2 years were very hard on me personally and cost me a lot emotionally beginning with the sudden death of my father. I had to step back a little from everything and give myself time to grieve and deal with many personally problems that came along with his death back in California. Earlier this year I hosted Kristine Adams and that was a big step for my healing process and bringing me back so to speak. I am now expecting my 3rd and LAST baby (I promise!) 1 week after Kristine’s workshop ends is my due date! After the birth I will take a 3 month 'baby pause', but will still continue to teach my private students from my home studio and work on getting my body back in shape and working on myself as an instructor and dancer, improving my own technique and taking myself to the next level. I plan to dance as much as possible and get to as many festivals as I can to build my career back up.

Along with monthly ATS®intensive workshops in Ansbach I will be offering weekly ATS®classes in Nuremberg ... Details coming soon! So I have many plans, lots of hopes and dreams to get things going again! It has been a tough road here for me but I am determined and excited what the future will bring! 

In the moment I have not booked any festivals, but I hope that will change soon !! 

Thanks so much, “Hagalla”, for your support and friendship.




Interview with
Martha Saunders
- by Marcel Bieger
Dud Muurmand "Gangsta Fusion"
Photo right: Dud Muurmand
Photo © Samaramara
What do you see in Dud Muurmand?

I see an amazingly talented and diverse artist who is humble, kind, and passionate about her dance.