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Please tell us something about "Les Parfum Tribal", how did you all come together, what did the dancers do before they found their way to "LPT"?

Parfum tribal was founded in October 2007, we were 5 girls from the same cabaret belly dance class who wanted to dance ATS® & tribal fusion. At that time, there were no tribal classes in France. So we started to dance together learning with FCBD's DVDs and the few workshops we had with Mihrimah Ghaziya and Susan Frankovich.

Parfum tribal started to dance at local venues in December 2007. Since then some others dancers joined us. Today, we are a beautiful tribe of 10 dancers.

What styles do you dance?

We dance FCBD® ATS® and fusions. We are influenced by the workshops we did. For example, we dance a fusion Indian style inspired by “Shir o Shakar”, and an ATS with skirts we learned with Gudrun Herold. We also mixed tribal with Hula, Bollywood and traditional Middle Eastern styles.

The French tribal community is certainly growing, but how large is it already, and since when does it exist?

In fact this is really difficult to answer, cause a lot of tribes and solo artists start to dance by their own, and we discover each others only recently. Also a lot of tribes were created this year like bohemian spells!! The French tribal community is amazingly increasing and some of the French talents are now known all over the world tribal community.
I think of Illan Rivière, Linda Faoro, Anasma, or Valérie Romanin. And we will soon hear about tribes like “The Smoky Eyes”.

Also since 2009, there is a prestigious festival in summer, the tribal Umrah festival, it is exclusively dedicated to American Tribal Bellydance. This year it will take place in Rennes and features masters as Rachel Brice, FCBD®, Mardi Love.

And a certain group named “Les Parfum Tribal” can be seen there, too (laughs). Well, this is great! In fact we applied with Parfum Tribal and other French sisters, who aren't with Parfum Tribal but as we dance ATS® we can improvise all together! We send in a video and waited! And the other day I received an email from the girls! They have seen on facebook that we are programmed to the open stage! Yilililililili!

You have been to Germany for the first time last year, at 2nd Black Forest Tribal Festival in Offenburg. How did you like it there, why do you come back this year and do you think that an exchange of dancers will help the dance communities of both countries to prosper?

It was a very precious moment for us as we danced out of France the first time. We were warmly welcomed by the German dancers.

We come back this year for the workshops, and we are very happy to share the stage with others French artists.

Since we started Parfum Tribal we learned a lot from each other and realized that our differences are a strength. That's why we do believe that this exchange is the most beautiful present that both communities could do to each others.

Has my English been understandable?

All the best
Margot P.


Interview with
Les Parfum Tribal

by Marcel Bieger
In France they have no tribal tribes? What a nonsense! Already last year "Parfum Tribal" delighted the audience at the 2nd Black Forest Festival. This year they will return and bring "Smoky Eyes" with them.

Don't you think it's about time to read what Margot from "Les Parfum Tribal" has to say?
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You are supporting the festival Parisienne, "Belly Fusions". Please tell us something about this cooperation. What other festivals are there in France?

Marie & Margot are volunteers at this festival since its creation in January 2009. And we are very proud to be part of this event which features the tribal dancers in France.