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When you hear the name of the „Bellydance Superstars“, you think of wonderful dancers and of Miles Copeland. But such an enterprise needs more helpers and workers to keep the wheel rolling. One of these helpers, one of the most important indeed, is Sabah, the director of the Bellydance Superstars. Below she tells us, what a director does (Sabah is the successor of Jillina at BDSS) and what she expects from the “Club Bellydance” tour through Europe and Germany. By the way, Sabah can also be seen on stage with the other BDSS dancers, and you don’t want to miss that, do you!


Interview with Sabah,
Director of the Bellydance Superstars

by Marcel Bieger

What does it take to become Director of the Bellydance Superstars and Club Bellydance dancers?

In the history of the Bellydance Superstars there has been 2 main directors of the company. The company was founded and originally directed by Jillina up until 2009.  I was asked by Miles Copeland to take over the position after Jillina’s departure to oversee the shows as whole, lead rehearsals, contribute choreographies while still continuing to dance in the show! Quite a tall order!  I have been with the company since 2005 and brought to the group my experience working with ballet, modern dance, Turkish and Egyptian folkloric, belly dance companies, and solo dance adventures as I have been dancing since I was a child and have never held a job that did not relate to dance. I have watched the company grow and expand to welcome new members to continue to give dancers the opportunity to dance full time in both small and large theaters and performing arts centers all over the world. I am eternally grateful to have such a professional team of dancers to work with that not only dance well as a troupe, but also bring to the table their own style and interpretation and experience in the wide world of dance.

What I love about the newest show, Bombay Bellywood is that it brought in many new choreographers all working to make the show the best of Bellydance Superstars while also adding in a new theme of Indian dance fusion. In the show there are many different choreographers besides myself including Meera, Samira, Kami Liddle, Moria, Bozenka, David of Scandinavia, Petite Jamilla and even a few of our favorite

We take it that you have seen half the world (or even more), so will Europe or Germany just be another step in the ongoing tour or is there any special meaning for you and the BDSS coming to the old continent?
Which experiences did you make with your Club Bellydance Tour through 60 towns in the USA?

Club Bellydance was debuted in the United States and was quite an experience. I love Club Bellydance because it reminds me of how Bellydance Superstars was when it first started.  Each dancer brings to the table their own creative interpretation of what belly dance means to them and every show is completely different!  I leave the theater every night more inspired than ever before and excited to be involved in such a dance style that continues to grow, change while also having some historic pieces and folkloric styles preserved and remembered. I feel more connected to the belly dance community by sharing the stage with local dancers both on and off the stage
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Jillina choreographies have been brought back for an encore. I think this helped to add a lot of variety to the show bringing in something for everyone. Starting this fall we will continue to “push the envelope” with another new show.

In Club Bellydance, we went in a completely different direction, focusing more on a show for dancers by dancers including local performers performing in more intimate settings. Each of the 5-6 Bellydance Superstars dancers has a chance to solo and show off their own take on the wonderful world of belly dance.
What is the difference between a Club Bellydance Tour and other tours of the BDSS?

Club Bellydance focuses on the belly dance community in a more intimate show space. In each Club Bellydance show the first act features local dancers showcasing the talent of their city. The second act is 5-6 BDSS dancers where each dancer gets a chance to be featured and showcase a solo of their choice in between trying out some of my new choreographies and collaborative pieces.

I find it always fun when Bellydance Superstars travel to Europe. So far we have truly been enjoying the theaters and audiences we have seen in Spain and have been featured in newspapers, magazines in every city we have performed in. With the tour off to a great start makes me even more excited for the rest of the European tour particularly Germany!  In Europe, we will be debuting Club Bellydance which has never been done outside of the US until this tour! I am super excited to see the first act dancers in Germany as we recently hired Inka as our newest member who is from Germany. She has been a great addition to the company and a pleasure to work with and speaks so highly of dancers in Germany.
I really am excited about touring Europe and Germany.  I expect to see some amazing talent and get a feel of the newest trends and dances that Europe/Germany has to offer.
and find club bellydance to be one of the funniest shows I have ever been a part of.