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At the Oriental Festival of Leyla Jouvana & Roland last year we saw them perform for the first time, “The Smoky eyes” from Caen in the Normandy, France. They not just danced Tribal, but adorned this with a full fledged circus performance. Of course this immediately captured our attention, because circus is the trend this year (just think of “Midnight Circus” by Fire). “The Smoky Eyes” are to be seen again on April 14th in Duisburg, Germany, when Leyla Jouvana invites to her “Grand Oriental Night”.

Interview with the French group
„The Smoky Eyes“

by Marcel Bieger

How did "The Smoky Eyes" come to life?

Made of four dancers with very different dance styles and trainings (ballet, jazz, indian dance, hip hop, gymnastics, circus) the SMOKY EYES company decided in June 2009 to move on from stage to street to provide accessible dance and art to everybody, refusing exclusion

Has circus a special meaning to you, or is this just your newest programme. How did you construct the circus programme, what was the first idea, how did you proceed?

Have any or all of you worked as circus artists before?CIRCUS is the first creation of the company. Inspired by "FREAKS", a Tod Browning movie, I wanted to create a particular atmosphere with unusual characters, disabled, weird and exceptionally strange.This is a reflection about relations with others and the way we perceive ourselves with the aim to opening our minds.

In each solo a dancer has to perform including a disability in her dance: without arms, being overweight, or wearing one costume for two …
The Smoky Eyes "Circus", please klick on the picture, and you will be passed-along to the video...
Do you see yourself as part of the French belly dance community?

I hope “The Smoky Eyes” are part of the French Tribal Community and we would also love to export our work internationally. We perform in the streets, in schools, hospitals, centers for disability … to make our style known by everyone and we aim to spread the message of tolerance which is highlighted in CIRCUS.

This show is the only one Tribal Dance Show subsidized by the state of France and the OFQJ (Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse | OFQJ,
it helped us to go to dance in Montreal / Canada).
Please tell us, what else do you do - besides of your Circus - as "The Smoky Eyes”.

Last january we have been working on a choreography called "GREEN PIECE" dealing with ecology issues, for the "Bellyfusions Festival" in Paris. At present we are working on our brand new creation for children "A BABA YAGA" for June 2012, inspired by Russian tales and by "Hänsel and Gretel" in which we will have to perform with costumes made of candies

Smoky Eyes' "Green Piece", please klick on the picture, and you will be passed-along to this video...
Smoky Eyes with "Baba Yaga", please klick on the picture, and you will be passed-along to the video...
I think it was your first time at Leyla Jouvana's contest
(and look at how extraordinary well you came off!), and how did this all happen?

I decided to participate to the Contest "Bellydancer of the world" to know if my choreographies could be appreciated by the German audience. We were very surprised by the successful results and couldn't be more honoured. We would love to dance in Germany more often.

Thanks to Leyla Jouvana who kindly invited us to the show
the 14th of April, we are glad to dance again in Duisburg
very soon!!!!!!

The Smoky Eyes are guests at

Leyla and Roland Jouvanas
"Grand Oriental Night"
on Saturday, April 14th 2012

Tickets for the Show and further informations here: