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"Colors of Tribal"
Show of Tribal D.A.CH. Verein
July, 29th 2011 in Elsoff

The Show Interviews

Phil Thornton
Homepage Phil Thornton:
Would you care to tell us how this cooperations came about?

The Idea for this album came about after performing with Carolena Nericcio at the Majma festival, Glastonbury, England a couple of years ago. I had worked with her previously on the “Nexus Tribal” project but this was the first time we had met in person. She put me in contact with the Fat Chance Bellydance “House” band “Helm” in the hope that we would be able to work together on a new project.

After listening to their previous albums I became inspired to find a way to work with them. The idea we had was to create a bridge from Helm’s folkloric approach through to my electronica and fusion based sound and to see what kind of feel we could create together.

Have you ever worked with "Helm" or FCBD before, and what is special when working with these artists?

As mentioned above I had previously collaborated with Carolena on the “Nexus Tribal” project which involved fine tuning the tempos and arrangements of the songs to make them compatible with ATS style dance performances. This process is still happening with new versions of two songs from “Nexus Tribal” featured on “Tribal Spirit”. - namely  Raqs Rhodope ( my arrangement of a Bulgarian folk song ) which has been slowed down with a more concise arrangement and the second song “Sunrise over TriBeCa” which has been extended and enhanced to create a more folkloric arrangement.

This project has been my first opportunity to work with Helm. Mark and Ling Shien made a couple of trips over to the UK to record in my studio and we then developed the songs by swopping files and ideas over the internet. This proved to be a unique opportunity to work with the most experienced live performers of music for ATS style! I continue to be highly inspired by this dance form and feel I have learned many new secrets from them!!
You composed and played tribal music before, what is special with"TribalSpirit"?

I think the thing that makes this album unique is the desire of  everyone involved to create something special for ATS dancers.
Of course I hope it will also appeal to “Tribal Fusion” dancers as well as fans of “World fusion” music. Fat Chance Belly Dance use music from other artists but I think I am right in saying that Helm and myself are the only artists composing specifically for ATS and FCBD.

Will we hear the complete CD at the festival in Germany, or will you treat us with a special mix?

Carolena, Megha and Wendy will be performing to a couple of songs from the album as part of the show and I will feature more songs at the after show party along with songs from my recent collaboration with Hossam Ramzy “Egypt Unveiled” and I will also be presenting some special new  mixes of older material.
Last but not least I will be presenting some brand new material due for release later in the year.
please listen in:

Tribal Spirit:

Nexus Tribal:

Egypt Unveiled:


Interview with
Phil Thornton about his new album "Tribal Spirit"
a collaboration with FCBD and "Helm"

by Marcel Bieger

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