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2nd North German Tribal-Festival, May, 22.-24. 2009
from Marcel Bieger, Photos: Arno Werner and Günter Schultz  

Last year the 1st  North German Tribal days were sort of a test. And the tremendous success of them was more than everybody had expected. Everybody held this festival in dear remembrance. Reason enough for another try. And to give it the right frame right from the beginning, the second go was called “festival”. Everybody came with high expectations because true tribal shows are rarely to be seen over here in Germany. To answer one question right away: North German doesn’t mean that only North German tribal groups can perform on this festival. North German simply stands for the location of Hanover where the festival is held. Asmahan el Zein, the organizer, invites soloists and groups from all over Europe and her voice is generally heard all over in Europe.

Back to Hannover. This year the event, which last year had took place in a circus tent, now was held indoors – the weather conditions in May made this a wise decision. The ballroom on the first floor of the “House of Youth” had enough space even for the bazaar where the tribal heart could find everything it ever craved for.

Like in the year before Friday was reserved for the Open Stage, and Saturday the Gala show was held. Don’t be misunderstood, the quality of the performances at both evenings was quite even which maybe has to do with the nature of Tribal. Some dancers of the Open stage would have belonged to the gala at all rights – and vice versa. So everybody who attended both shows had double enjoyment and fun.

For starters there is Tribe Akasha and it immediately captures the attention of the audience. With goat horns applied at their heads the girls storm the stage like a bunch of mountain demons and dance a very wild and rural Tribal. In the middle section of the performance they mix some ballet moves into it and African tribe drumming joins in, as some sort of proof that all nature people are related to each other.

Already at the First North German Tribal Days one would notice a certain strong Fusion/Gothic element in the show, and this year the same can be registered. Linda Linada dances in a white costume with golden applications Indian Tribal and Hip Hop Tribal without moving too much on the stage.

Improvised Tribal is now to be seen from the Tribe Arzesh a form of art which is not too often to be observed nowadays, although you could claim it as natural for Tribal. The girls change leadership and every one of them gets her turn. Even Balkan folklore elements are to be seen.

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