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 - A project from Dud Muurmand and Charlotte Bank/


"Cyber Gypsy"  is conceived as an experimental dance performance project with the aim to add a new dimension to dance theatre. Using new media and new forms of communication it is an attempt to present a performance for the virtual spaces of the 21st century.

The provocative title evokes the image of the eternal wandering "gypsy" with all her ancient knowledge and free spirit as well as the limitless cyber space in which to explore new practices of interaction. In a time where real and invented borders are fast becoming the decisive element that defines human interaction it is our wish to explore a space where such borders are dissolved.

We believe in the right to communicate and interact across borders on the basis of a common humanity.

New internet live streaming technology offers itself as the perfect means to reach this. The dance performance will take place in an undefined urban space, created through digital technique and existing only in cyber reality.

The project will also provide an experiment in both the styling of the dance and the filming: The performance will make use of the both ancient traditionel dance moves as well as modern fusion styles within Gypsy Dance, Tribal Styles and Contemporary Dance.

The filming will explore the dance in a new way, considering both the technical possibilities and limitations together with the artistic side.

Anybody, irrespective of geographical position can access the performance, only an internet connection is needed.

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