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This time „Hagallady“ Anita Blake went all the way up to the Baltic Sea, to be correct, to Estonia, where for the second time „Infusion Tallinn Festival“ took place, one of the biggest ones in Northern Europe. Anita was born in the Ukraine, but lives in Germany today und returned enthusiastic from this festival. There she met people from all countries of Northern Europe, who celebrated in great harmony a peaceful and happy dance festival. We would like to stress this point, because it makes us happy, too. In times, when Western media don’t tire to revive the Cold War it feels good to see that humans are much wiser than those, who want to tell them, what to think.

- by “Hagallady” Anita Blake

The first “Infusion Tallinn” took place in 2012 with 4 WS and a show. This year due to a huge popularity it became a real festival with 2 Shows, many hours of workshops, participants from all over the Europe, and even some guests from America.

In contrast with cold Estonian spring we were warmly met by Infusion host Yahna on the welcome dinner together with teacher team: Kami Liddle, Alexis Southall, Violet Scrap, and two awesome dancers: Laura Luna from Finland and Mari Ääremets from Tallinn. Upcoming weekend promised to be very exciting!

The 1st festival day began with the sightseeing tour around Tallinn’s old town, which is actually has rich of history and full of medieval flavour.

The party was opened with
Yahna’s solo improvisation. Yahna is the teacher, performer of Tribal Fusion in Estonia and organizer of Infusion Tallin festival. She presented us the traditional view on Tribal Fusion belly dance to the electronic music supported by ethnic beats. Everyone had a chance to enjoy the pure beauty of belly dancing. The next performance was presented by Mystica Tribe, founded in 2007 under the direction of Berit Vill. They have shown us a beautiful ATS inspired choreography.

Bright skirts, heavy jewelry, turbans and baskets – yes, that’s the classic of Tribal Style, which we never get tired of.
Kaira Tribe, the Laura Luna’s student troupe from Finland, began their performance with a beautiful slow dance to the modern music with some Indian motives and then switched to strong dub step beats, flavored with some funny interaction between the dancers. The Guest from St Petersburg, Anna Donchak, is a member of Sirin Tribe – FCBD Sister Studio. She performed a tribal fusion solo to a modern song, getting her inspiration from a fairy tale’s world.
Kaira Tribe
Anna Afra and Amanda are tribal fusion dancers and teachers from Finland. They made a duet and have introduced us to what they created together: beautiful and dramatic performance to a modern dub step music. Marge Mägi from Estonia is not an everyday fusion dancer, actually Marge is not a fusion dancer at all! She is a cabaret dancer and before that she was dancing ATS. She presented us her experimental debut to the music of her brother, Amiran.

Silver Rose dance company from Russia impressed us from their first step on the stage – first of all with their costumes made of assuit and traditionally decorated with heavy ethnic jewelry. They made a beautiful performance to the traditional music in very playful manner with a lot of “old school” tribal belly dance technique. Just adorable!

Next group,
Arrakis, from Estonia, presented a simple but interesting performance in Tribal Balkan style, choreographed by Mari Ääremets. The dancer from Latvia, Natalia Angelfish, has shown us very technical solo with a lot of hip hop elements to electronic dub step music.
Kami Liddle has opened the WS session with a 3 hour class devoted to the Tribal Fusion technique. That became a kind of inspirational warm-up before the evening Infusion Tallinn Opening Party "Tribal Fusion Delights", which took place in Mystica dance studio.
Mari Ääremets, another leading dancer from Estonia, rocked the stage with a beautiful Tribal Fusion solo started with fluid and expressive slow piece and followed by modern and very technical dance to a beatbox music.

The students of
Mystica Dance studio performed Yahna’s crazy choreo to an unexpected “monkeymusic”. Their great teamwork showed us bellydance coming beyond the traditions. Fresh, hot and awesome!

The last but not least performer of the first block,
Jamila, presented a playful and rhythmical Bollywood group performance.
2nd Block began with Yilan Kabileshi from Finland, a student troupe of Alli Ruth’s American cabaret Bellydance classes. The intermediate student group of Mystica studio under direction of Yahna performed a Balkan inspired dance.

Amada Nousiainen, a soloist from Finland, has learned the choreography from Violet Scrap and just felt in love with it. Next performance was made by Valante Dance Group, a creative team guided by a professional dancer and instructor Valante from Latvia. The group is notable for its unique style since every dance is created as a complete story expressed in the language of choreography.

Unusual duet work was presented by Kati Elvelt and Kristina. When a belly dancer and zumba dancer came together they developed a bellydance zumba, which is already so popular all over the world. One more student group choreography of incredibly creative Yahna. This time she was inspired by fun 20s.

Anita Blake, the “Hagallady” at this event, got her inspiration from the music piece she has chosen for her performance, it brought her into the flow of downtown melancholy.
Anna Sizova performed a crazy dance about doing what you love in life and not taking too much advice from others.

Amazing dancers from Estonia, Krete and Maris performed a modern dance influenced choreography about love and life made by Yahna. The show ended with an ATS performance by Tribal-Dance-Center of Helsinki, directed by Anna Artemenkova.

This year the main show of Infusion Tallinn had its special theme: “Around the World”. All the participants presented with their dance a flavor of different corners and cultures of the world.

Our journey began inthe Sahara Desert. Mirages, sandstorms, desert Jinn … Real or illusion? Where the truth lies and where lie is true? Silver Rose Dance Company from Russia guided us through these secrets with their magical dance. - Our next stop was Milano – the fashion capital. Senjoritas Banditas of Tallinn revealed the world of models – crazy, sassy, competitive or just cute. A very energetic performance made us to feel the Milano fashion fever.

A Superstar shined from the stage:
Kami Liddle. We enjoyed super a expressive and very technical performance dedicated to the Tribal Dance Mecca - San Francisco! - Known for her deep curves, elegant lines and seamless flow, Alexis Southall, a special guest from England, brought us to New York City with her powerful dance to hip-hop music.
Laura Luna, a Finnish tribal fusion dancer and teacher, gave us the creeps with her hypnotical dance. We felt how wind of mystical Transylvania blew from the stage. - From Transylvania to Black Forest of Germany - the journey was made by one of the leading Latvian dancers, Katerina Shuraeva, with the magical flow of her dance.

Raqs Marissa from Estonia brought for us a piece of hot Miami sun and her lovely smile with very expressive and joyful performance. - Next performer, Gita from Sweden, added some Far Eastern flavor to that evening – her dance was inspired by cherry blossom in Japan.
TabTar is a duet from Tartu, Estonia, took us to Ghana with a mystical African spirit dance. Very interesting stylization inspired by some kind of ritual dance.

Sadness of walking in a circle as a symbol of prisoners’ life was shared with us by
Amanda Nousiainen from Finland, who has recently visited the most famous prison in the world – Alcatraz.

With a proud posture
Violet Scrap from Italy entered the stage to disclose the joyful spirit of the wedding in Shtetl – a small Jewish village. Very emotional and technical.
Laura Luna
Katerina Shuraeva
Raqs Marissa
Silver Rose Dance Company
Senjoritas Banditas
Kami Liddle
Alexis Southall
Tribal-Dance-Center Helsinki
Anita Blake
Valante Dance Group
Amanda Nousiainen
Amanda & Anna Afra
Students Mystica Dance Studios
Silver Rose
After a little break the next performance block began with the journey to Paris. Maiastra – a duet from Russia, has shown us very beautiful and graceful dance, full of romantic mood, which is so much associated with this city.

Tanja Gruberte, a dancer from Latvia, got her inspiration from the Niagara Falls. Her very sparkling costume made an association with the water drops under the sunlight and her fluid powerful dance completed the image of a waterfalls.

Florida, the place of eternal summer was introduced to us by
Anna Afra, a Helsinki based tribal fusion teacher and dancer. She had chosen the Hurricane season as a main theme of her expressive and emotional dance.

Tribal dance is still rare in their country, so they were very proud to present their art – Samai from Latvia. They took us to Amazonian rain forest. Next stop of our journey around the world was made in a very strange place – Hashima island – an abandoned island in Japan. Violet Scrap made her performance scary and attractive at the same time with her magnetic weirdness.

Berit Vill and Müstika Maagiline Teater from Estonia brought us to the fantastic world of Atlantis. A breathtaking performance, inspired by fantasy creatures with angelic appearance and unresistable power. - Pernilla is a dancer from Malmö, Sweden made us feel the cold wind of Siberian winter with her graceful performance.

Our last stop brought us back in time to 1920s Berlin.
Kami Liddle closed the evening with very graceful and beautiful dance to the playful jazz motiv.

As a short afterword I can add that InFusion Tallinn by now is one of the biggest events in Europe, and it is fantastic! Congratulations and many thanks to Yahna, her team and Mari Ääremets, who took care of me all these days and made my stay in Tallinn even more pleasant.
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The next "Infusion Tallinn" takes place from
March 20th - 22nd 2015!
photos ©: Friday party: Dan Fullard, Saturday Gala: Mats Oun
Amanda Nousiainen
Violet Scrap
Duo Maiastra
Tanja Gruberte
Duo Samai
Violet Scrap
Alexis Southall
Kami Liddle
Berit Vill & Müstika Maagiline Teater
Paradise Circus & Yahna
This time Alexis Southall met us with greetings from Marrakesh streets. Her energetic performance to powerful ethnic beats allowed us to enjoy a pure beauty of Orientally spiced belly dance.

A tropical island doesn’t always mean tourquise water and sweet cocktails. This Island has a secret. The mystery uncovered in front of our eyes – a meeting of a tribe
Paradise Circus and Yahna from Estonia. Just unforgettable!