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Kiev Tribal Festival
May, 5th 2012
Taisa is one of the extraordinary women, who organise Tribal festivals in their home country Ukraine. Together with her troupe “Jah Surya” Dance Group – the leading Tribal group and the first Sister Studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance ® in Ukraine she organised Kiev Tribal Festival. At these events they invite stars from beyond the Ukrainian borders, and you get to see artists which are not so well known in Western Europe, yet. But this will be going to change soon, because there are loads of talent to be admired. This year May 5-6 started a big event in Ukrainian Tribal world.
Kiev Tribal Festival that became one of the biggest Tribal events in Ukraine. Kiev Tribal Fest was organized by Taisa Jah Surya, and a special guest of the festival was a world-famous Tribal star Samantha Emanuel and during the Festival she taught three workshops for advanced level. More than 50 participants from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries have gained a new experience and greatly improved their dancing skills, passing a teaching session with Samantha at the festival. Except for the workshops, the program of the Festival contained the Gala Show on May, 5 with Samantha Emanuel and the leading Tribal dancers and groups from Ukraine, Russia and also guests from Western Europe. Next day took place the after-party of Kiev Tribal Festival, the program of which has been no less intense than of the Gala Show, because this event brought together the dancers and dance companies from all over Ukraine, who came to share their dance with the tribal community in Ukraine and everyone, who were lucky enough to get to that party.
- by Anita Blake and Marcel Bieger

This year Kiev Tribal Festival took place in “Sky Hall”, a night club. We noticed many very colourful costumes from Ukrainian folklore, and this seems to be one of the distinctive marks of Ukrainian tribal.

The show starts with Dance Hayat, who as a ensemble perform a lovely Balkans style dance with agile moves, swirling skirts and pure joy of life. – After this performer Taisa enters stage and shows us (accompanied by a live piano player) a melancholic and slow Jazz Fusion.

The duo Scardonia interprets with dance and acting a dark and sad Gothic piece (but could do with a tiny bit more synchronicity training). – The drum school of Orhan Agabeyli beats tablas and other rhythm equipment, they are having a jolly good time.

It’s Tribal Fusion time with Russian dancer Leljana Stanishewskaja, who tells us a wondrous story with slow and expert moves and beautiful layerings. – Samantha Emanuel from Great Britain proves to us why she is an international sought for artist. She tribals to a Swing-/Soul-Piece, and in the next chapter she tells us a sad story. Later on at this evening we shall admire her again with a sweeping Balkans Fusion.

Tribal, Hip Hop, Street dance, Koshka puts in a bit of everything in their infectious ensemble Oriental dance. – With Shahan we happen to enjoy a male Tribal Fusion dancer in a b-boy outfit and, boy, does he know how to handle the crowd.

The Mina Fo Tribal Company is the tribe of Maria Fomina, another Ukrainian Tribal promoter (“Tribal Weekend”, also in Kiev), and of course these ladies know how to do classical ATS®. In their second piece they mix their tribal with Indian elements. By the way, just switch the syllables of Maria Fomina’s last name, and you know why this tribe is called “Mina Fo”. – The striking trio Xeolin moves very elegant and with distinctive tribal influences to melancholic Balkans music.

Ukrainian dancer Anita Blake lives in Germany today, she puts the fancy “burlesque” on stage, complete with big oyster feather fans and sensuous mysterious moves. – The Guedra quartet storms the stage in frivolous outfits and makes us think of the dance scenes in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn”.

The quintet Tribal Jam from Russia (soon to be seen for the first time in Germany in Eliana’s “Tribal Passions” in Offenbach) is only present as a duo this time, but they prove masterly that they know in Moscow also how hip hop and tribal are spelled. – The Iranian dancer Hale Adhami, who lives in the Ukraine, performs an unbelievable intense and professional whirl or Dervish dance; the complete handful of German experts for this rare art is awed.

Jah Surya is the troupe of promoter Taisa. Taisa is also working active in a group which takes care of the customs and traditions of Ukrainian folklore. That is why we see Jah Surya at first with Ukrainian rural Sunday dress complete with the peculiar female choir singing. In their second piece they whirl over the stage with a snappy ATS®.

A big spectacle follows when Taisa and Le Mava appear with the medieval reenactors from group Rosichi. Taisa and her partner dance elegical and sublime day and night, shadow and light, moon and sun, who both strive for dominance. Symbolic for their struggle two warriors (“Rosichi”) appear and battle each other with swords, until they finish and stop fighting to rush to their ladies, who have found their peace.
A breathtaking evening has come to its end, and we can only hope to see these artists on our German stages soon.
The closing performance of the evening is a joint ATS® venture represented by different participants of the gala-show: Samantha Emanuel, "Jah Surya" Dance Group, "Mina Fo" Tribal Company, "Scardonia" Tribal Movement, "Natory" Dance Studio, Anita Blake, Tribal-Dance Studio "Koshka".
Jah Surya und Rosichi (klick on the picture to watch the video on YouTube ...)
Dance Hayat ("klick" for Video ...)
Taisa (Video ...)
Scardonia (Video ...)
Percussion school Orhan Agabeyli (Video ...)
Leljana Stanishewskaja (Video ...)
Koshka (Video ...)
Shahan (Video ...)
Mina Fo (Video ...)
Samantha (here Video 2! ...)
Anita Blake (Video ...)
Xeolin (Video ...)
Guedra (Video ...)
Hale Adhami (Video ...)
Tribal Jam (Video ...)
Jah Surya (Video ...)
Taisa and Le Mava (Video...)
Taisa, Le Mava and Rosichi (Video from 1:33 ...)
Finale (Video ...)
"Tribal Battle" - After Party (Video ...)
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