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Last year, when the Chinese Olympic channel CCTV showed interest in broadcasting our Oriental Dance Festival to 20 million viewers in China, we were happy to accept the offer. We were surprised, as sometimes even here the German TV broadcasters have to be convinced to show interest in the Oriental dance scene. And then suddenly "The Chinese are coming!" They even brought the Chinese star Guo Wei with them, who immediately knew how to impress our audience. After the positive impressions and experiences here in Duisburg, the initiator and Bellydancer Agent invited us to make a tour in China with some performances, workshops and instructional DVD productions. We were more than happy to accept this invitation. Yao is the owner of the largest bellydance club in Bejing, China, withover 500 students, and on a regular basis he organises Oriental dance events in cooperation with the state-owned TV company CCTV.

Roland and I were booked for two performances in the Gala Show and we were very pleased to see highly renowned dancers contributed to the sucess of the show, e.g.  BDSS Kami Liddle &  BDSS Adore, Mayodi (Paris), Aliya (Russia) and of course the celebrated Chinese Star Guo Wei. I was looking forward to seeing what genre the Chinese audience would like and how they would react. Alongside the specialist audience from all over China, there were other art and dance lovers, male and female, interested agencies and media, and also some specially invited VIP guests from the Government. We hoped that we had chosen the right style for the Chinese audience and were soon exposed to their great enthusiasm. We were overwhelmed when they were so impressed that they honoured us with a standing ovation. We presented ourselves from the side of the Egyptian Raqs Sharki with Roland´s live drum accompaniment but also with a Balkan Gypsy dance.

The chinese audience is open to traditional dances as well as to innovative and modern performances. The whole show was very diversified and many genres were presented, such as Tribal, Bollywood, classical and traditional Egyptian dances, as well as fantasy and acrobatic. Before and after the show we noticed and admired the hundreds of hard working helpers, which for financial reason would not be possible in Germany.

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left: Roland und Leyla Jouvana, Mayodi (Paris), China-Star Guo Wei,
BDSS Kami Liddle, BDSS  Adore, Aliya (Russland)
Photos: (c) Guo Wei - Champion Dance