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If you think of who might be the most agile, energetic und virtually alive dancers on this Earth one name almost immediately springs to your mind:
Silvia Salamanca,
born in Spain but based in Texas, USA since many years. She cannot be seen too often in our realms, but every other year she will perform at Leyla Jouvana’s  „Oriental Festival of Europe“ in Duisburg, Germany.

by Marcel Bieger
The first time we met her was 2009 at Leyla’s 17th Oriental Festival of Europe. Our magazine “Hagalla” was new and innocent, then, and we were quite exited to meet Silvia, but not as nervous as her, who had not been interviewed before too often. This first interview was published in the US also, in the world famous and never paralleled magazine “Zaghareet". If you can’t see an artist often enough on stage you have to watch r her videos. And just this will happen now and here, so please fasten your seat belts something mercurial is to appear ...
One of Silvia’s favourites is Sabre Dance, which every time she interprets with much imagination and thought anew. Here is an example of her art from the year 2011, where you can see all of her facets.
right: The Sabre Dance Video, to watch it, klick on the picture ...
Silvia’s great love belongs to the Gypsy Dance, though. She researches about this style and writes intelligent essays about it (watch out what will be coming in this magazine). In the following video from the year 2012 you can feel all the fervor and soul which she puts into her art.
And this still isn’t all, in our third example, a rather rare video clip, she mixes classical Indian style with Dub Step and from this she invents one of her comical pieces in which (Surprise! Surprise!)
a sabre plays a prominent role.
She makes fun of herself, jokes with the audience, shows how flexible her body is and is in the best of her moods, which infects everybody at place. Even if you get the impression the clip is running to fast rest assured that Silvia moves that fast, when she is up to it. Everybody who ever saw her live will confirm this.
A videography (does this word exist?) about this exeptional dancer would be incomplete without speaking of her fabulous tribal-/classical fusion troupe “Shunyata”. These girls, when set free, invent Dub Step fusion anew, enrich it with acrobatics and whirl the voi-pois like lassos. How nice it would be to see this ensemble in Germany.

Silvia tells us: “As you guys will be able to see, my troupe Shunyata is taking a new direction in their journey ... please feel free to drop us a comment!!”

Her most personal piece shall be the last one in this short overview, she shows us how to handle two sabres, and these two blades she whirls to symbolize the last fight of a friend which she couldn’t win. Consequently at the end Silvia puts down the sabres and takes up a lily, the symbol of death. Who saw her perform this piece in Duisburg, Germany, will in all probability have seen the tears in her eyes when coming to the end …

She tells us: “Here I share the video of my first double-sword routine created (to the day!!-something tells me there will be more ... ). If anyone feels curious about the dedication of the piece, email me and I will explain … dance has always been my natural way of expressing emotions (good or bad) about myself and my life. Enjoy, and if you liked it, I ask a favor: pass it on!!

We love to have her have the last word:

“To all of you, who have supported me through the years and believed in me and the value of the gypsy art ... many, many, many a trizillion thanks!!! Looking forward to coincide around the globe!!!

Much love


Homepage Silvia:
She tells us: “That was a wonderful one at Plaza de Anaya (awesome studio, awesome events, awesome owner!!!!)"
The Video Art of Silvia Salamanca