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Impressions of Eliana's „Tribal Passion“-Show
in Offenburg, September 15th

- by the Hagallas

The Leather Museum in the Hessian city of Offenbach is a modern and classy place, and so was the show, of course. Whenever Eliana invites to her show you can bet that you get to see something special. She presented us most interesting artists she met on her voyages, but also had some new and fresh German dancers in store.

        Dub step followed Metal, in between a jazz band playing pop evergreens and quite a few dancers proved that they master such kind of live music, also – what a great idea and entertaining surprise. Also was to be seen: vintage-burlesque of the exquisite kind, the irrepressible tribal fusion in all its variations, and in between a most wondrous fusion of serpentine dance with modern dance. Tribal found its way with Tango, and all artists, be it soloist or group, presented themselves in the most elegant ways.

        Star guest Deb Rubin from the US danced tribal fusion shadow play in the spotlight on the wall, and you can imagine by now what else she is capable of. Main act also was Tribal Jam from Russia, which proved to us how Eastern Europe is on its very best way to reach the highest dancing standards of Western Europe. We will have to keep an keen eye on these girls.

        Promoter Eliana shared her “Nightmares” with us and took our breath away, and at the big finale nobody was more happy and proud than Eliana. But more about this in the big report. In not too long time. In “Hagalla”.

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Photos © Konstanze Winkler
Deb Rubin (USA)
Libra Sistas
Ellenit and the Line Lamm Band
Moderation: Mona Aynur
Martina Crowe-Hewett (Canada/D)
Eliana and the Line Lamm Band
Devadasi Caravan
Duo "Noaem"
Tribal Jam (Russia), Evgenia and Olga
Deb Rubin (USA)
Tribal Jam, Evgenia and Polly
Olga (Tribal Jam)

"Unique Artists, Bellydance, Tribal Fusion, Live Music."
Offenbach, Sat., September 15th 2012, Ledermuseum

Photos © Konstanze Winkler