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Athens, Juli 16th 2010
The promoters were: Nelly, Maria Aya, Elena Dahabeya, Eva
The Show, internationale guests:

- Catherine Karoulidis, Belgium

- Sundari, Albania

UJBABA- Russian FCBD Sister Studio from Moskau (Director: Svetlana Dvoretskaya) ATS

- Rachel Brice, USA

compiled by Nelly,
Layout: Konstanze Winkler, Photos: André Elbing
Catherine Karoulidis
Rachel Brice
The Show Greek groups:

 - "Horrus" directed by Tasos Horrus

-  "Loulouda" directed by Amira Balkis

- "Nawar Raqs" directed by Maria Marinaki

- "Silver seal" directed by Eva Chantzichristou

- "Romani Havasi Group" directed by Athena Najat

- ''Amazons'' directed by Elena Eleftheriou - Dahabeya

- "Baraka's group" directed by Baraka

The Show , duo:

''Amazons'' Elena Eleftheriou - Katerina

Show, solo artists:

Elena Eleftheriou - Dahabeya

Eva Chantzichristou

Nelly Bellydance

Eugenia Kakouti

Jasmin Kalathaki

Baraka with Immortal Serius

Athena Najat
The show was unique and it was the first time such happened in Greece!
The theater was full of people and some of them couldn’t get a chair! But they wanted to watch the show!

We had everything from Tribal fusion to Turkish Romani style, from.Oriental fusion  to the Circus freak show!

The audience came from Austria, Russia, Slowenia
and of course Greece.

This experience was unique for us all!

Yours, Nelly!

Das große Finale
Rachel Brice
Eva Chantzichristou
Roman Havasi Group
Elena Dahabeya with her group
Silver Seal
Maria Aya with Malema's Banat
Evgenia Kakouti
Jasmin Kalathaki
Silver Seal
Elena Dahabeya with her group
Nawar raks
Athena Najat
Baraka's Group
Horrus Group
Horrus Group - Evgenia Kakouti
Horrus Group
Horrus Group
Tasos Horrus
Horrus Group
Photos: André Elbing,
Nelly and Rachel