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At the fifth times in a row held contest “Bellydancer of the World” more than 400 dancers participated in 16 categroies. The jury was composed of

Aziza (Canada), Mira Betz (USA), Suraiya (Poland), Aisa Lafour (Netherlands), Nika Mlakar (Slovenia),  Amirah (Belgium) and Leyla Jouvana (Germany).

        The event took place within the 19th Oriental Festival of Europe in Duisburg, Germany (hosted by Leyla Jouvana and Roland) which will be running till November the 28th 2011. In some weeks there will be an report on the contest in this magazine.

        Here are the category winners:

Category Solo Kids/Junior (all Disziplines!)

1 Jana Schlender (Germany), Choreo: Helen Saida/Leyla Jouvana/Aziza

2 Imke Van Daele (Belgium), Choreo: Asiya

3 Nell Alen (Belgium), Choreo: Asiya

Category group/Formation Kids/Junior (all Disziplines!)

1 Co. Jawhara (France), Choreo Feriel -- Cabaret

2 SharqiTeens (Germany), Choreo Momo Kadous -- Cabaret

3 Diamonds of the Orient (France, Choreo: Feriel -- Folklore Montage

Category Formation, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Fusion

1 Oriental Ballet of Canada (Canada) Oriental Fusion

2 Pro Dance “Six Senses” (Slovenia), Choreo: Nika Mlakar

3 Formation Co. Jawhara (France), Choreo: Feriel

Category Formation, Adults, Discipline Classical Oriental/Raks Sharki

1 Oriental Ballet of Canada (Canada), Choreo: Amelia

2 Formation Co. Jawhara (France), Choreo: Feriel -- Raks Sharki

3 Ensemble Lina (Germany), Choreo: Lina, -- Classic

Category Formation, Adults, Discipline Folklore/Traditional

1 Raks Pro (director: Artemisia, Belgium), Choreo: Anadil -- Modern Saidi

2 Ensemble Lina (Germany), Choreo: Lina -- Melaya

3 Formation Bina Oriental (Germany), Choreo: Mahmoud Reda – Hagalla

Category Duo, Adults, Discipline Fusion/Fantasy

1 The Smoky Eyes (France), Choreo: Blandine Garin –- Tribal Fusion

2 Miriam & Vanessa (Canada), IsisWings/Oriental/Ballet

3 Maya Sapera (India/Belgium) & Niki Constantinidu (Greece) --
Zills & Bells

Category Duo, Adults, Discipline Classical

1 Amelia & Audrey (Canada) Raks Sharki/Classical

2 Nelleke & Krystal (Hawai) -- Veil & Drum

3 Luna & Chadia (Belgium) -- Drum solo & Veil

Category Duo, Adults, Discipline Folklore

1 Warda & Khalida (Czech Republic) -- Nubian Dance

2 Angelica  & Lily (Canada) -- Melaya Leff

Category Group, Adults, Discipline Fusion

1 Oriental Ballet of Canada (Canada), Choreo: Amelia -- Oriental Salsa

2 Pro Dance (Slovenia), Choreo: Nika Mlakar -- Tango

3 Ensemble Lina (Germany), Choreo: Lina, -- double veil

3 INSPIRIT (Germany), Choreo: Nikola Deniz --  Hip Hop Oriental

Category Group, Adults Discipline Tribal(Fusion)

1 The Smoky Eyes (France), Choreo: Blandine Garin -- Tribal Fusion

2 Ambrosia Steampunk (Slovenia), Choreo: Ambrosia -- Tribal Fusion

3 Ah´Yanara Dance Co (Belgium), choreo: Sakinah Yanara, Indian Tribal Fusion

Category Group, Adults, Discipline Classical

1 Show-Group Jawhara (France), Choreo: Feriel -- Classic Pop

1 Oriental Ballet of Canada (Canada), Choreo: Amelia -- Raks Sharki

2 Pro Dance “Pharaonic Carneval” (Slovenia), Choreo: Nika Mlakar

3 Yohara (Belgium), Choreo: Johanna R. --  Classical & Drum

Category Group, Adults, Discipline Folklore

1 Oriental Ballet of Canada (Canada), Choreo: Amelia -- Saidi

2 Chimmela (Belgium), Choreo: Maya Sapera -- Egyptian canedance

3 Payaliya (director: Thomaia, Germany), Choreo: Vaibhavi Merchant -- Bollywood

Category Solo, Adults, Discipline Tribal

1 Ping (PR ofChina)

2 Milka (Netherlands)

3 Jasmin Dohr (Germany)

Category Solo female Adults, Discipline Fusion/Fantasie

1 Zafirah (Canada) -– Voi Poi

2 Feriel (France) --Tango Oriental

3 Fatema (Singapore) -- Fanveil

Category solo female Adults, Discipline Folklore & Bollywood

1 Maya Sapera (India/Belgium) -- Bollywood

2 Zana (GB/USA) – Saidi

3 Jana Mankoc (Slovenia) -- Bollywood

       Category Solo female Adults, Discipline Classical/Raks Sharki

1 Kathreen  (Czech Republic)

1 Queenie (Belgium)

2 Feriel (France)

2 Fatema (Singapore)

3 Zahra (Belgium), Choreo: Rajaa Dussart -- Balady